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Topic-Specific Learning 2010

Through this Technology Design Course, I was taught many things and now, I would like to tell you about what I have learned.

  1. How to draw the basic exterior structures of a car
  2. How to draw the basic interior structures of a car
    • Before doing the project, Tiny eCAR, I did not know how to draw anything accurate that relates to cars but now I know how to draw the bigger parts of the car such as the seats, engine, steering wheel, etc.
  3. How to use AutoCAD
    • One thing I’ve learned in AutoCAD is how to draw the correct diagonal lines when only the angle is given in the diagram.
  4. How to use Google-Sketch Up
    •  Before I was introduced to this program, I knew nothing about it but after having the unit for this program, I have learned many simple tools such as how to rotate, move, draw a line, create a circle, etc.

Some things I’ve realized and learned about the indurstrial and manufacturing world is that to create a product that is appealing and purposeful, a lot of time and thought is needed. For example, while Rachel – who is another student of this class – and I were thinking up ideas for our small electric car, we ran into some ideas that collided with each other. At first, we wanted the back seats in the car to be albe to flip into a mattress for a passenger to rest but then we realized that the electric car could only have a maximum capacity of two and the electric car was supposed to be small which made us make the decision that our mattress idea was not possible.

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