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Student-Centred, Project-Driven, and Activity-Based

Technology Design was one of the courses, I think, were purely based on projects to learn since I’ve certainly have had more projects in this course than any other but in this course, we’ve had literally no take-home homework either since usually we’d work on computers. I think it was a very independent class compared to others since there wasn’t really a whole concept where you could just learn just like that. It was more of a you-do-you-learn kind of experience. I think it was very student-centered since the main point of high school courses is to teach the students but not many have actual outside world experience given to us unlike this course. Throughout the course, there weren’t many activities that we would do together since this course, I feel, is more on the independent study yet there are times when we would sit at desks and listen and jot down notes. At the same time with all the time we use the computer, it sometimes feel as if we haven’t really learned anything at all.

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Posted by on January 13, 2011 in My Reflections


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