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Project Management 2010

The project management sections at the end of the course for Tiny eCAR Project has taught me many formatting methods to create a Specification. One method would be using a table, writing the functions of the car and then using the letter “S” if Rachel’s and my small car has that function, “O” for optional and “-” for does not have that function. Another method to make a Specification would to not use a table and write the functions of our car and have a sub-list of the programs that the function can do. With that, you would know whether our small electric car would have that function without the buyer having to choose whether he wants a function in the car or not since it would already have been set into the car. The Manufacturing Specifications is the section of the project where Rachel and I had to research on our materials. We then had to detail the materials with what it was capable of withstanding such as follows: the melting point of the our electric car, the opacity, the elasticity, the homogeneity, etc. The Manufacturing Specifications was somewhat hard since I knew nothing of the materials we were going to use to create our ideal car or how each of the materials were made or formed. The Project Management Circle has taught me that in order to make the ideal car a reality, a time schedule and plan must be created. Not only that, if the workers did not know their responsibilities to achieve the goal then confusion would begin and nothing would be accomplished. Knowing if the manufacturing process is doing well is also very important because if there are any setbacks then thinking of any way to get back on track would be needed since there would be a deadline to make our ideal car real.

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