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Design Brief Project – Athletic clothing/equipment

For this project, I was partnered with a fellow classmate where we had to design a productive sport’s clothing. This project was a good experience because it gave us real experience to actually designing a product and having it mass produced. First we had to think of creating a design for our clothing product. We decided to make a convenient sporty sweater – which we named Birdnest – with a design that’s inspired by Lady Gaga. With its many zippers – located at the shoulder, hood, and chest area – it makes the sweater very convenient for during the spring when it can be turned into a vest for the chilly and sunny weather whereas it can be in its original form – the sweater- in the winter for the snowy and cold weather. After the design process was finished, we then had to make a list of the materials needed to make the sweater and what companies would be involved to provide us with the material.


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