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Shiro Kuramata

Shiro Kuramata was born during World War II in the year 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. He lived until the year 1991 where he also died in Tokyo, Japan. During the time he was alive, he had designed more than 300 bars and restaurants. In 1977, he became famous worldwide overnight for his “Drawer in an Irregular Form.” When the next decade came, he once again caused the people excitement with his “Miss Blanche” where he used different and unusual materials to create.

Title: Drawer in an Irregular Form


Drawer in an Irregular Form

 This piece of work was perhaps the most well-known and copied of Shiro Kuramata’s work. What makes this drawer unique in comparison to the rectangular drawers is that it takes the form of an “s.” What I like about this S-shaped drawer is that it takes away people’s normal standard and expectations on things whether the expectations are on people or on products. Because Kuramata created something out of the ordinary, he became well-known throughout the world for capability to take something original and turn it into something unique.

Title: Miss Blanche


Miss Blanche

Miss Blanche, which is another famous piece of Kuramata’s, was created during the 1980s. I decided to put this piece into my blog as a representer of Shiro Kuramata because this was another design of his that made the world appreciate him. This is another display of work where he takes a regular chair and makes it into something more artistic especially with the floating roses. Miss Blanche is made with acrylic and aluminum where then artificial roses where embedded into it. All kinds of artificial flowers from all over Japan and models were made over and over again in order to gain the goal of creating an illusion where the flowers seem to be floating. This inspired me to always let my creativity and ideas flow even if there may be something preventing me from making it real, I should write and draw it down on paper so that I’d never forget my original concept of something especially when the world and the people are constantly changing; my thoughts, my beliefs and my values may come to slightly differ from what I once thought.

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