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Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010

Alexander McQueen was a very well-known man. Being born in the year of 1970 in London, England, didn’t disadvantage him at all. Although his father was a taxi driver, it did not stereotype him into a taxi driver’s son. He had high intelligence and had been a solo desginer for 10 years and survived until he was brought into the Gucci Group to be even more well-known. But this great designer had left us recently, departed on this year, February 11th, 2010. May he rest in peace.

Alexander McQueen

 I mentioned Alexander McQueen in my blog because he was a great inspirer. He gave the world a different meaning to fashion. He designed many clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. but one dress really caught my interest. This dress was in Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010 category which Lady Gaga wore during the VMA 2010.

Lady Gaga Alexander McQueen dress pic 1 and 2

Lady Gaga Alexander McQueen dress pic 3

When I first saw this dress, I felt very inspired because it gave off a very surreal feeling to it especially in pic 2 and pic 3 where the dress seemed to spread out so perfectly that one can mistake the photos as paintings. I genuinely thought to myself, “Wow!” because the dress seemed to be listening to the wind and letting it take him to unmeasurable heights unlike gravity where one would never be able to reach the sky with it. Not only that, with the way the colours contrast each other, the dress itself seems as if it was designed in ancient times – an era where abundant kings and queens existed – yet it was actually recently designed of this year, 2010.

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