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Darfur Genocide – It’s enough!

Hi (: In my first semester I had English and my topic for my assignment was the Darfur Genocide. I don’t really want to have you read long paragraphs after long paragraphs so I’ll try to make it short but at the same time, I want to cause awareness to genocides happening in the world and in this case currently, it would be in Sudan. Although I think that talking about such a serious issue in the world it might not be so easy to make it short so please bear with me. So through my research, I saw a lot of gruesome pictures on Google images. I am actually a pretty squeamish person; gory stuff does not amuse me.  I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this already have a good idea of what’s happening in Sudan. People are being killed and left without homes and the government tries to hide it all and all that. But here’s some information that I found interesting…no, more like extremely shocked. Did you know that the Coca Cola Company (yes the pop most of us have come to love) is providing the Sudanese government with money because apparently Sudan has a “plant” that the company needs to make their coke. (I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the name of the plant. I’ve tried searching it up but found nothing so if you know anything about this plant, comment and tell me please!) Now, what does the Sudanese government do with the money? They use it to buy more weapons for the Janjaweed people. And what do the Janjaweed do with the weapons? They use it to kill the people of Darfur.

And here’s my say on what I think about all of this. To be honest, I find it extremely stupid yet it is this stupidity that is causing the lives of thousands and millions to disappear in Darfur over the past years. I’m wondering who decided that killing would solve anything? As much naivety as I sound, I can’t help but wonder why we still haven’t learned from our mistakes. What happened to, “Never again?” When the world screamed NEVER AGAIN. What happened to that? Because it seems that it’s happening all over again. I don’t mean just Darfur and its genocide. I mean all the other countries that are labelled with “genocide.”

I guess that’s pretty much all I have to tell about the Darfur Genocide…for now anyways. Below is one of the ads that I made to cause awareness and I hope that after reading this, you will also want to cause awareness!

…the little children kept asking why the Janjaweed had done this, why they wanted us all to die…” This was my first ad and I found the quote in a book about the Darfur Genocide. My point here is that the adults of the world are bringing in innocent children into their affairs. They weren’t born into the world so that they could live only 6 or 7 years and only know how to live in fear and not have even 1/4th of what we have.

PS: I’ve wanted to post this up for months now but wanted to try to make it short so if there’s any updates on Sudan since then, feel free to tell me.


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