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Design Process and Open-Ended Problem-Solving 2010

The design process overall was fairly easy for me because ideas would just be roaming in my head and because I wanted to use all the ideas into my assignments or projects. I would try to connect them all together in whatever way possible. What was hard for me was putting those ideas onto paper or on a computer program because I tend to think of things I want to do that are way ahead of what I’m capable of at the moment. I always try my best to make it the closest it can in actuality with the idea in my head since I always tend to be able to see the finished product visually in my mind. My first option to making my idea a reality would be “trial and error.” If there’s a program that I need to use to make that idea work out and I’m ot very knowledgable of that program, I would try out the functions and learn as I go. Of course, if there is a manual for whichever program that I would need to use, that would also be a great help to me.

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