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The Condo Design Project

For this project, our class had to design a condominium with a limit of 800 square feet.

1. We had to draw rough sketches of our 3 different designs of our condominium.

2. After that was finished, we had to research on professional condominium floor plans which would then help us improve our own designs.

Next, we begin to draw our own condominium floor plans onto graph paper which was 11 x 17 inches. We let our teacher revise our drafts until he tells us that we can draw the final draft of our designs. Here are my 3 drafts:

Draft #1

Draft #2

Draft #3


4. The final draft needed basic furniture (such as: dinner table, washing machine, dryer, bed, closet, toilet, sink + vanity, air vents, lighting placement, etc.) Windows, doors, and the width of the walls were also needed to be included into the final draft.

Final Draft pic 1

Final Draft pic 2

5. After the drawing process of the project was done, we were instructed to complete a “Bill of Materials” sheet which we had to research and calculate the brand items we wanted and how much it would cost overall.

Bill of Materials page 1 of 1

6. Lastly, what we needed to do was to write a brief essay about either bathroom lighting, plumbing, ventilation, flooring or accessibility. Below is my essay.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

During this assignment, the handout “Typical Bathroom Layouts” and “Laying Out a Bathroom” really gave me a hand because it gave information about the average size of house items (such as the tub, toilet, sink + vanity, refrigerator, bed, etc.) But what made it really difficult for me at one point was forgetting the width of the walls. Considering the width of the walls was very important because it changes the open space of a room. Because of my negligence, I had to redo my design floor plan so that important household items (such as the washing machine and dryer) could fit in the laundry room.

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