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Charles Le Corbusier

Who was Charles Le Corbusier? Well then! Let me tell you. His full name was actually Charles Edouard Jeannert-Gris but he chose to be known as Charles Le Corbusier for personal and convenient reasons. Born on October 6th, 1887, and death on August 27th, 1965, he was known to be a pioneer of modern architect. Not only was he a French architect but he was also a designer, writer, and painter.

Charles Le Corbusier

One of Le Corbusier’s many architectural designs caught my eye because it had a very different style to many other designs that I’ve seen before and that design is the Villa Savoye – one of the most famous house in modern movements in architecture. This house that is located in Poissy, Paris, is said to be Le Corbusier’s most purist design.

Villa Savoye pic 1

pic 2 (top left) - the garden roof; pic 3 (mid-left) - staircase; pic 4 (mid-right) - the exterior wall surrounding the entrance door; and pic 5 (bottom left) - living room

Villa Savoye is one of the many designs of Le Corbusier’s that came to made me appreciate his works. One of the reasons why I specifically chose Villa Savoye to represent Le Corbusier in my blog is because I have never seen a house with such a design of both interior and exterior before. What I really like about this house is that it is possible to walk all the way to the top of the house and rather than using stairs to get to the top, he used a ramp which everyone, especially those in wheelchairs, will be able to see the surroundings at the top of the house or to just view the garden roof. When designing Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier¬†gave consideration for those in wheelchairs when he designed the ramp rather than using stairs which every house would contain and I came to appreciate him all the more because of that. With the exterior colour of white, it gives off a feeling of simplicity and purity especially with its wide range of landscape surrounding it; it makes it all the more convincing that its aura says Villa Savoye is a very pure place. Not only that, with its spiraling stairs and ramps, it makes Villa Savoye a very non-traditional and non-typical home.

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