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Challenges and How I Overcame Them 2010

Some challenges I had were being completely new to the programs such as AutoCAD, Google Sketch-Up, etc. and to make it harder to learn these programs, I was busy with club activities for about a week or two and had to leave early which made me fee like I was falling a bit behind. To not actually be falling behind, I used all my time during class to work hard and finish my AutoCAD assignments and I managed to finish it and obtained a good mark. Another challenge for me was during the Tiny eCAR Project when my partner was absent for a few days. Althoguh it was a bit hard for me during those days when I would like to hear her opinions, I had to do most of what I could while she was away and decided some things on my own. The last challenge I had during the course was drawing the interior and exterior of Rachel’s and my small electric car because I knew nothing about cars and have never seriously drawn one except for very childish looking cars.

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