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For this Aviation Project, the main goal was to experiment on different paper airplanes and record the results such as the distance of the flight, its straight flight, and the its acrobatic. After the research, a tournament among the class was scheduled and we competed against each other with our airplanes on the three categories of the flight distance, straight flight and its acrobatic. We mainly had independent time during the many weeks for this project which I liked because it gave us an opportunity to be more responsible on our own rather than to have the teacher provide us with a schedule. This project was very enjoyable especially when the airplanes that we folded ourselves would fly decently. I think what people don’t realize about paper airplanes is that it’s not that easy to be able to fold a good airplane that could actually fly some distance. The folding must be extremely accurate for the paper airplane to fly decently. During this project, I’ve made folded many paper airplanes, some with the same design, but they never flew the same distance. Some didn’t fly at all.

Here are my airplanes:

My Acrobatic Airplane

My Distance Flight Airplane

My Straight Flight Airplane

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