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Apostol Tnokovski

Apostol Tnokovski is a graphic and industrial designer who was born in Skopje in the year of 1982. Although I haven’t found much information about him, I have come to like his designs. One of the designs that caught my interest was the Tick Tack Music Watch.

Tick Tack Music Watch pic 1

Tick Tack Music Watch pic 2 and 3

This is one of his many designs and its feature is a wristwatch yet also a mp3. I think this design is very creative because it has a “2-in-1” function yet Tick Tack is mainly to attract teenage boys rather than teenage girls as you can see that its only colours are black and blue. The controls of it are fairly easy to get the hang of especially with the touchable screen to change settings such as whether the user would like to use an analog clock or a digital clock, adjusting the volume, or to find a particular time of a favourite part of the song. At the bottom of the screen is where the mp3 controls would be located and the simple buttons are play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast-forward. Lastly, Tick Tack is an environmental friendly product since it usesĀ rechargeableĀ batteries to work.

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