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Passport to Safety Certificate

I got my certificate for Passport to Safety on February 3rd, 2010. This certification means that I am aware and have the knowledge of the safety regulations in a workplace. If any of you would like to test yourselves out to see if you know your safety regulations in a workplace, the site will be provided for you at the bottom of the picture.

Certificate of Completion – I have created a link for you so if you would like, please click on it and do the test!

PS: It’s good for your resume!

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The Condo Design Project

For this project, our class had to design a condominium with a limit of 800 square feet.

1. We had to draw rough sketches of our 3 different designs of our condominium.

2. After that was finished, we had to research on professional condominium floor plans which would then help us improve our own designs.

Next, we begin to draw our own condominium floor plans onto graph paper which was 11 x 17 inches. We let our teacher revise our drafts until he tells us that we can draw the final draft of our designs. Here are my 3 drafts:

Draft #1

Draft #2

Draft #3


4. The final draft needed basic furniture (such as: dinner table, washing machine, dryer, bed, closet, toilet, sink + vanity, air vents, lighting placement, etc.) Windows, doors, and the width of the walls were also needed to be included into the final draft.

Final Draft pic 1

Final Draft pic 2

5. After the drawing process of the project was done, we were instructed to complete a “Bill of Materials” sheet which we had to research and calculate the brand items we wanted and how much it would cost overall.

Bill of Materials page 1 of 1

6. Lastly, what we needed to do was to write a brief essay about either bathroom lighting, plumbing, ventilation, flooring or accessibility. Below is my essay.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

During this assignment, the handout “Typical Bathroom Layouts” and “Laying Out a Bathroom” really gave me a hand because it gave information about the average size of house items (such as the tub, toilet, sink + vanity, refrigerator, bed, etc.) But what made it really difficult for me at one point was forgetting the width of the walls. Considering the width of the walls was very important because it changes the open space of a room. Because of my negligence, I had to redo my design floor plan so that important household items (such as the washing machine and dryer) could fit in the laundry room.

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For this Aviation Project, the main goal was to experiment on different paper airplanes and record the results such as the distance of the flight, its straight flight, and the its acrobatic. After the research, a tournament among the class was scheduled and we competed against each other with our airplanes on the three categories of the flight distance, straight flight and its acrobatic. We mainly had independent time during the many weeks for this project which I liked because it gave us an opportunity to be more responsible on our own rather than to have the teacher provide us with a schedule. This project was very enjoyable especially when the airplanes that we folded ourselves would fly decently. I think what people don’t realize about paper airplanes is that it’s not that easy to be able to fold a good airplane that could actually fly some distance. The folding must be extremely accurate for the paper airplane to fly decently. During this project, I’ve made folded many paper airplanes, some with the same design, but they never flew the same distance. Some didn’t fly at all.

Here are my airplanes:

My Acrobatic Airplane

My Distance Flight Airplane

My Straight Flight Airplane

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Manufacturing Basics

In this small assignment, we were handed a sheet with a list of technology terms where our task was to choose 20 terms and write a brief definition of what the term meant. Through this project, I learned new words and was able to expand on my vocabulary.

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Design Brief Project – Resources

This was part of the Design Brief Project where we were partnered with another classmate and had to thouroughly design a product for a specific sport. In this section, we had to find different materialed paper and describe each one. What I wrote for the materials I chose were: what it was, the advantages, the disadvantages and how it was made.

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Design Brief Project – Athletic clothing/equipment

For this project, I was partnered with a fellow classmate where we had to design a productive sport’s clothing. This project was a good experience because it gave us real experience to actually designing a product and having it mass produced. First we had to think of creating a design for our clothing product. We decided to make a convenient sporty sweater – which we named Birdnest – with a design that’s inspired by Lady Gaga. With its many zippers – located at the shoulder, hood, and chest area – it makes the sweater very convenient for during the spring when it can be turned into a vest for the chilly and sunny weather whereas it can be in its original form – the sweater- in the winter for the snowy and cold weather. After the design process was finished, we then had to make a list of the materials needed to make the sweater and what companies would be involved to provide us with the material.


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