Career Path – Architecture

16 Dec

I have always loved architecture! I am very determined to pursue in this career! I have and am currently taking the necessary courses in high school to achieve my goal. Many people have asked me this same question, “Interior or exterior?” The complete question would be: Do you want to do interior design or exterior design? To all the people who have asked, I told them I would like to do both interior and exterior design. Why? Well…the reason is simple! Designing both interior and the exterior of a building is like finishing a puzzle completely by yourself. If I decide to only design for the interior of a building then I would only finish 50% of the puzzle and the other 50% would be given to somebody else to finish. I don’t think that feels very accomplished at all. Of course, in the architect industry, many things must be considered. For example, the budget, the land, and the people involved. But if giving a project halfway to somebody else, the concept of my design may not be understand by someone who only knew how to decorate the exterior without the slightest idea of making the interior and exterior match. It is like having a Valentine themed interior while the exterior is decorated with Christmas holiday spirit.

Am I rambling?

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