My Process of Learning 2010

15 Dec

What I’ve realized during these two years of being in Technology Design Course is that we are not handed out as much sheets of paper as other classes. I would have preferred sheets of paper rather than reading the hand-outs online with because I think it takes away the effectiveness from actual paper sheets where fewer distractions are present. I think my learning style would be more on the kinesthetic and visual learning rather than auditory learning because I tihink a lot about everything where sometimes I would be thinknig about something but at the same time, I would be thinking of nothing at all and becasue I am thinking with most of my time when I’m idle, it tends to block out any noises and voices surrounding me that nothing would reach my mind. Also, i’m not much of an auditory learner because I can’t block out any noises when I’m not thinking and I would hear everything around me that would stray me from what I’m supposed to be listening. I would like to be in the careers of architect or art because it doesn’t limit my ideas and creativity. I dislike being restricted with what I want to do because of what I’m actually capable of accomplishing or what I am allowed to do. Even though I know there are some things such as school rules or expectations on a project that will restrict me but I will still follow the rules put out in front of me because I know that to be able to follow a set of rules put ahead of us is another way of growing up and seeing the outer world for what it is.

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